Audio Bully's - Hello garage?

The Future Belongs To Us -

Alice in Wonderland is all over the shop - films, posters and dark tales thanks to the ever grundgy Tim Burton. Did he use Audio Bully's as his muse? The single The Future Belongs to Us, ever so slightly dark at the begining with warped breathing that could have been taken from the grave. Two step beats that remind me of the garage union that once was the 1990's, i now believe that garage is making its come back - ever so slightly. Little inkling's it is on its way back haver hit me since i have been investigating more into the wacky world of Audio Bully's and HervĂ©. The constant  'clicking' of swithcing beats and synthesisers have turned dance music into a broader Hyrid - trumpets, saxaphones and keyboards all combined - i get a slight sense of Quantic's essense about 4 minutes in - an 8 minuite masterpiece of breaks and buildups.

'Cut the mid-range' - very true. Down we go again, garage two step and warped synths. Audio Bully's have got a little darker, and i like it.

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