Burial - Kill me?

Danaeo? AND Burial? I couldnt quite get my head around this when i first heard ti. I have alweays remembered Danaeo as being the 'party hard' type/ his first solo single which was as interesting as Shakespear's twelth night made me think how Burial could have possibly reinvented a talented, yet niche singer? The track which is as dirty as your boyfriends shorts after football makes me want to get angry, right now. Knee's bent and arms gathering dust, this moody piece with the soulful voice of Danaeo actually works, just a little. Remember Dizzee Rascal and Calvin Harris? We all know that Dizzee sold out to the mainstream so he could make it bigger, Danaoe has been doing his 'thang' since the 1990's where parties in the summer sun would be clapping out an extreme about of 'summer choons' and now he has gone all moody? Burial himself is a class act, his first album which gave me shudders took me into a slight state of depresssion the first time i heard it. All that was right in the world was no wrong and all i wanted to do was sit in my room and ponder the breaks and beats that he made me listen too.  F;ash forward 3 years and i must admit, its still his moodyness that has me captivated but Danaoe makes it a little bit more bearable, for me anyway. Think chase and status and 'Pieces' - i doubt that choon would of been as much of a commerical hit if it wasnt for Plan B -who has now switched to soul and high pitched tones.

Whatever i moan about, i still have it on repeat. 10 times.

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