Just 4 hours is the time it took for Conservative part leader, David Cameron to hit back with his version of 'stuck in the 80's'
While mooching around London i have seen many posters of the two parties fighting it out.

The conservative party have got Saachi and Saachi advertising agency on board for their campaign. I believe its interesting and quite refreshing to see wit and sarcasm coming from the Tories. Using oposing manefesto's to launch attack is wise, yet it is also about reaching out to the 'Silent generation' who is you and i included. I am pretty much in limbo about the pro's and con's of each party - any would say anything to win a vote. With Tories being 39% of voters choice (2% above Labour) its a close call, and i believe every vote counts. I am voting Tory this year. Moan all you like, i am not a protagonist, siff iron board wanker - i am just up for 'change'.

Who will you be voting for?

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