My New Home - Peckham Labour?

As the 2nd debate was on last night i took it upon myself to check the Times Online and see who was running in my new area. Since moving to London, i have noticed that the area in which i live in (East Dulwich) is actually classed as Peckham. Predomanantly Labour voters, this area is one of the most deprived areas in South East London. The area oa Walworth, Camberwell, is targetted for being one of the most notorious areas in London, with Albylth Estate being subjected to poor amenities and horrednous effects on the neighborhood. As i get the number 12 bus from Pckham Rye Common, its a frightening experience, especially when i have to sit on the bus for 60 minutes from Oxford Circus to Peckham. It runs through Camberwell and Elephant and Castle, which in itself is a run down area. Only 1% of voters are conser vative with 3% voting Lib Dem.

In contrast, my home Farnborough in Hampshire is 98% Conservative and only 1% Labour. It is hard to place residents in Peckham inot a box, but what i have witnessed seems to be imigrants who do not work and are living in social housing. Facts from the Times Online shows that 60% of redisdents are Afro Carribean and 40% of these live in the social housing estates. It is hard not to get frightening when walking down peckham Rye, especially after getting home from work at 8pm/. I have a 6 month contract on ym flat, and although i love it, i feel i may need to live somewhere more West or move East or North.
I have been thinking about my local constiuancy rather than the country as a whole as i feel where i am located is in need of a lot of work. Estates that are run down next door to million pound houses, its hard to comorehend how the other half live but let a;lone when they are only detached by 1 brick wall. Who thought that building up was better for the city? More people in one area, all on the 12 bus and crushing me to death. It was only last week that a woman pulled out a knife on the bus and declared war on an inocent bystander. The police took 15 minuites to get to the bus, where in that time someone could of been hurt.

Elephant and Castle needs to have more police patrolling the streets. Everytime i get on a bus i wonder about if i will be safe.

Walking aroujnd Angel and Stoke Newington, i felt very safe. Please, can we put safety first?


  1. From your blog, its seems you've wanted to live in London for some time, but you have to realise that it is LONDON, as in crime is very high, no matter where you are. This is just a fact you will have to get used to. Stoke Newington is no better, its in Hackney, a place notoriously known for its high crime rate (with a girl recently murdered in a chicken shop) and neither is Angel, just next door to shoreditch, also in Hackney! Voting conservative is not going to change that fact. Even when they were in power, little progress was made to change that