Linds - TORTURE!

Did anyone see the Lindsay Lohan documentary on BBC3? I must say, she is a very good actress. I dont know if the twitch she had was due to the flies in India or the fact she hasn't had a recent hit of anything recently? Is this a great way of Linds trying to get some 'good press' before she brings out a new film or album? The star travelled to india to 'report' (i say report...) on children trafficking. She visited local children and they told her how they were beaten, raped and made to work 15 hour days with no break, to which lohan screeched in an inperdenant manner' Oh my god really?' while wiping away tears - which were non existant. Her ability to promote herself even became lothing after a girl who had just dicsussed how she was trafficked when she 12, asked 'what do you do?' linsday then replied ' i sing and act' (oh and take crack, smoke some weed and actually mess around with lesbians, actually i was in 1 good film about 12 years ago...)
She pretended to care, cry and even give a view on the tafficing. She reported from the comfort of her hotel room and her car which she moaned about. He even had the cheek to say ' God it stinks'. For someone who is trying to 'redeem' themselves, this was was not a fair deal. I could watch this documentary with anyone else and witness carnage and sympathise with the children and the volunteer. Linsday just had to jump out of a car and see around 3 hours a day of the torture. Volunteers would of camped out and helped, got involved. Instead she clung to her nostrils while hoping for some magical white powder to enter.
Her lips were on show remarkably - only for short amounts of time, as they were still swolen and she looked like she was chewing the inside of her mouth.

BBC3, you fail me.

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